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Forj is an exciting new quartet led by drummer Jonathan Silk, featuring the critically acclaimed and long time friend and collaborator, Nick Jurd on double bass alongside the incredible musicianship of two of London’s finest improvisers, Joe Wright and Josh Arcoleo on tenor saxophones. This band promises high octane grooves and expansive improvisation across a whole series of original compositions. 

Forj attempt to bridge the gap between chaos and purpose. With original compositions as a framework, the band move to reshape what the music is at every outing. With improvisation at the heart of the ensemble, every performance is a new experience.

Performing a rocky, but subtle, set of intricate grooves and diverse melodies, inspired by the exploratory improvisations of Jim Black, Ornette Coleman and Chris Lightcap, Forj blur the lines between composition and improvisation in a highly interactive manner in this exciting chordless ensemble. 

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“An excellent addition to the Birmingham scene” - Tony Dudley-Evans (UK)


“Forj's set was a wild, muscular delight” - London Jazz News (UK)


“devilishly tight” - London Jazz News (UK)

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